Café Nobel is open from June 7th to August 25th!
11-16 (closed on June 21th)

At Café Alfred Nobel you can enjoy a traditional Swedish fika or ice cream. We offer sandwiches and a varied selection of baked goods. Here we also serve sweet drinks and ice cream made in Mariestad.

We bake everything sweet right here in our kitchen at Alfred Nobels Björkborn.

Allergy friendly options are available. Since we have a small kitchen we can’t guarantee that any product is completely allergy free. We are very careful with our cleaning practices and make out best effort to keep products apart during production.




In proximity to the café you can also find our selection of souvenirs. We offer memorabilia related to Björkborn manor and Alfred Nobel as well as a selection of books and booklets concerning Nobel’s life and history.

For more information, please call 0586-245 245.