Here you can find information that is useful to know before your visit to the Nobel museum.

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Plan your visit

  • How do I enter the manor?
    Björkborn manor can be entered on a guided tour or by purchasing an entry ticket to see the museum in your own time. We are currently open for the summer season, June 7th - August 25th, Tuesday-Friday, 11-16 (closed on June 21th). Follow the link below for more information about how to book a tour for your group.

    Guided tours
  • How long do you stay at the Nobel museum?
    How long you stay depends – it differs from person to person. Most common is 1,5-2,5 hours if you join a guided tour.
  • Parking
    Connected to the museum park we have a big parking space for personal cars, free for use. You are NOT ALLOWED to drive your car or mobile home up onto the museums park/grounds unless you have a proof of permission to use the disability parking.
  • Toilets and washrooms
    On the grounds there are several toilets. By the café there is one disability toilet with a changing table for nappies as well as two regular toilets. In Brandstationen there are three regular toilets and one disability toilet.


    In the house of ingenuity and the laboratory there is one disability toilet. The manor has one regular toilet.
  • Availability
    The availability at Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn is varied.


    The manor: There is a ramp to the manor that leads to the first floor of the home. In the house there are also thresholds on the first floor and stairs to the second floor.


    The laboratory: The laboratory has a disability ramp.


    The house of ingenuity: The house of ingenuity has a disability ramp.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on the pateo.
  • Bikes
    There are no spaces to park your bike close to the Café Nobel or the museum. The closest parking spot for bikes is close to the manor, connected to the Björkborn Bridge.