In Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn there is also Alfred Nobel’s library. It contains more than 4500 volumes with 1100 titles. You can see belles lettres, great poems, map books, guide books, dictionaries, literature about chemistry, mining, electrical railways, explosives, manufacturing of pottery, diseases, museum and many, many other subjects. It all gives evidence of a person with wide-ranging interests. Alfred Nobel read contemporary authors. He participated in literary salons in Paris. When he was young, he had a dream to become an author and he wrote some novel drafts and a drama, as well as a number of poems. It appears not be so strange that he established a prize for literature, if we think of his great interest for literature.

The library can now be explored in an interactive computer.  Do you want to know how many Russian books there are? Are you looking for a certain author? What did Nobel, for example, have about patent rules and regulations? You will find the answer here.