In 1894 Alfred Nobel bought AB Bofors-Gullspång AB in order find a place for experiments with powder and to able to carry out shooting trials. He started immediately to build a laboratory which was ready to start in1895 and employed several chemists to carry out research-work he desired. One of those was the young engineer Ragnar Sohlman, who  later on should be of decisive significance for the establishment of the Nobel prize.

In the laboratory an intensive work was started which should become progressive powder. Here Alfred Nobel devoted himself to trials with powder metallurgy and tried to find solutions for forging problems. Artificial silk, synthetic rubber, varnish and photographing from the air with the, so called, rocked camera where other attempts performed.

In the building today there is an exhibition about Alfred Nobel’s enterprise activities and inventions, as well as a reconstruction of Nobel’s laboratory with mainly original equipment. His technical library can be found here too.