We offer different kinds of guided tours at our museum.

The next one is hosted at 11 am on July 19th. Please arrive 15 minutes early to purchase tickets in the cafe.

Guided tour for a group

We accept bookings for guided tours throughout the year. During the summer seasons and low seasons, we offer scheduled tours of Björkborn manor.

Join a guide or an actor who will tell you about Alfred Nobel, his life and how it happed that Björkborn manor is Alfred Nobels last Swedish home.

The Nobel Museum is open for the summer season, June 7th – August 25th, Tuesday – Sunday 11-16. Guided tours in English are offered at 2 pm most days.

Would you like to visit the museum with your group? We still open for private group tours. Contact us for information of prices and availability.

Call 0586-245 245 or email info@nobelkarlskoga.se and we’ll help tailor your visit.

Theatrical tours

In a theatrical tour of the manor you’ll meet Bertha von Suttner or Ragnar Sohlman who all tell the story of the great inventor’s life, work and heritage. Bertha von Suttner and Ragnar Sohlman will tell you about their friend Alfred Nobel through their own perspectives as well as about themselves and their own achievements.